Fluffy clouds descend from the top of the website

MochiThings Subscription

MochiThings LLC is an online stationery brand that creates cute and functional products for clients.

Insight: MochiThings wishes to keep distribution of their products online only. Their current web layout doesn’t market them as the cute and functional brand they’re marketing themselves to be.

Outcome: Created an online experience that encourages users to purchase products without resorting to partnerships with retail.

Company Name: MochiThings LLC

Product: Webpage Design/ Subscription UI

Role: UX researcher and UI prototyping

Target audience: Stationery Enthusiast

Final Prototype


MochiThings wishes to keep their purches of their product to their online store limiting the purchase of their products

MochiThing's website does not align with their slogan of having cute and functional product leaving a sense of confusion as to what products are actually featured

On the current webpages, there is indication to the brand's colors which are barely used


To create a unique user experience for their website, I have created a subscription box bundle for their products. these webpages allow for the user to see a variety of product that the company is selling in a bundle on a monthly bases. Thus allows for their customers to opt into products that haven't been featured

These webpages have also been redesigned in their company's brand color to showcase the cute and functional personality that they wish to establish to their audience

User Experience Goals

Stay true to the original developer's design while showcasing more of their brand's personality.


UX Design Process

UI Specs

MochiBox packaging

To convey how cute and functional nothings products are, their Mochiboxes have their ow unique packaging molded after their mascot.

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