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E.M.A Mobile App

EMA is a mobile application dedicated to allowing children and parents to work together to help navigate big and small emotions through mobile smart devices.

Why EMA?

EMA was design because I always wished there was an easier way for parents to understand how there children were feeling. It's important to celebrate all of the big and small emotion because it helps children to grown into healthy adults who can effectively communicate.


2023 Gold American Advertisement Award (ADDY)

Role: UI Prototyping

Method: User Research

Target Audience: Young Parents with Children (Grades K- 2nd)

Behavior: Being a supportive parent to their children while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Needs: Easily monitor their child’s emotions during a busy day.

Problem: Parents/ adults can have a difficult time navigating their children’s range of emotions to better understand them. Children’s emotional needs

Solution: Create a user experience between parents and young children to be able to effectively identify what emotions they are feeling. This emotional feedback would then be given to the parent the opportunity to help find solutions to support the child’s feelings

Light-hearted Branding

I wanted to make sure the energy of EMA’s interface remained bright despite dealing with heavy emotions.

UI Assets

Element used throughout the user interfacing.

UI Assets match EMA's branding. I wanted to make sure that during the user journey that the app stays uplifting no matter what emotion is selected.

User journey

The homepage

started out by asking the child to select how they are feeling mood-wise for the day. No matter what emotion is selected the app gives the child a supportive prompt thought their emotion.

Activity selection

Once the child has selected their mood they are then given an activity for the day. These activities include: drawing, reading, making music, and exercising. The child also has the option to not select and activity at all if they are not in the mood that day.


Activities select provides a variety of things to do for the child. regardless of what activity is chose the parents will be notified of the child's choices for the day.

Storybook Illustrations

Originally EMA the mobile app started as a interactive children's book. All illustrative assests were created by me. The story used for this interactive book is titled "Grumpy Bird" by Jeremy Tankard

Parental Notification

After the child has logged into and used the E.M.A The parent will receive notification on their smart devices on their child's mood for the day

Tips and Advice for parents

After receiving notification no their child's mood the parental side of the mobile app will provide tips and suggestions to help their young children navigate through their emotions.

Lo Fidelity Wireframes

The takeaway

EMA focuses on a topic that I feel is crucial to early childhood development. While this is the initial start of ackknowleding children's emotions I was to continue doing more research on the topic especially to help provide more insights on emotional management for children who art on the autistic spectrum.

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