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Sutherland Skates

Sutherland Skates LLC. is a fun and inclusive foundation for
skaters of all kinds and levels within the community
that teaches skaters effective techniques and tricks. She
engages others to seek empowerment and improvement.

Why Sutherland Skates: Sutherland reached out to me looking for a logo for T-shirts that she wanted to prodce. After sitting down and having a brand consultation with me, we came to the agreement that her logo needed to be apart of a branding system. This way she could establish her newly found LLC with a strong presence.

Role: Brand Consultant/ Branding Designer

Product: Brand Identity System and logo

Target Audience: Adults Age 25+

Final logo designs and touchpoint

Logo has been successfully used for print production and has been featured in promotional materials.

Primary & secondary logo designs

Logo Specs

The boot of the skate is created from the two "S" in Suther land skates. These letterforms combined creates the boot of the roller-skate. This form is isolated in the secondary logo while the primary logo is featured behind sunset. The primary logo give a retro feel while the secondary has a more modern feel. These two logos are designed to be inviting to all skaters new or old

Initial concept for the logo

Selected sketches from consultations Initial sketches where done by hand

Meeting the client's needs

Sutherland requested a logo that would be used for a t-shirt and clothing line. After several consultations we came to the conclusion that the logo could also coincide with her skate instruction LLC branding in it's entirety. The primary logo features a skate emblem designed from the comanpy's name "Sutherland Skates"

Selected comps from consultations

Additional Touchpoints

Email newslettes to highlight upcoming lessons and events.

Other Projects