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Janishacolors' Goals

Mini Summary TLDR ;w;

This week I’m going to do a little accountability check on my goals for this year and beyond. If you’re just tuning in definitely check out last weeks art blog about Managing Big Goals so you know what’s going on in this blog!

Janishacolors’ Art Goals

Happy MONDAY! I hope everyone’s doing alright! I will say last week was very productive but when the weekend hit I got super LAZY! I grilled some things for my family (I don’t comfort bake I comfort grill XDDD)My brother gifted my Desktop with Phantasy Star online 2 and it was first time in a while relaxed and played a game ;;;;w;;; It was honestly much needed because I tend to get wrapped up in my work but also feel that I’m not doing enough ^^;


(Baby’s first bullet journallll XDD wish I would have done this sooner LOL)

This week I’m going to do a little accountability check on my goals for this year and beyond. If you’re just tuning in definitely check out last weeks art blog about Managing Big Goals so you know what’s going on in this blog!

OKAY! Let me start by highlighting my BIG Goals in my Art journey

1. Complete My Graphic Design Major

2. Work on my Original Webcomic Series

3. Work for the Game Freak Company as a Graphic Designer

4. Social Media Shenanigans!

  • So right now these are my Major goals for the next few years in my art career. And looking at these as they are they look so crazy. But these goals have be chopped up into so many mini goals that there’s so much to keep me motivated and passionate about this journey! So here’s a general rundown!

1: Complete My Graphic Design Major

So aside from just graduating in this major I really want to take advantage of everything that we learned in this major at my university especially when it comes to web design and user interface so interestingly enough all my Pokémon related projects fall under this big goal.

- [ ] Study UI/UX (user interface/ user experience)

- [ ] Web design

- [ ] Continue search for Ux/Ui internships

- [ ] Improve on Simplified logo work

- [ ] PKMN Logo project (Eve’s Story)

- [x] Finalize Eve’s design

- [ ] Draft at least 10 PKMN logo designs from the sinnoh region

- [ ] Create at least 3-5 side characters and create character sheets ()

- [ ] Fall semester 2020(please stay remote lol)

- [ ] Typography,

- [ ] Pre Press Production,

- [ ] Illustration

- [ ] Spring 2021 classes (n/a)

- [ ] Make Senior Project my original webcomic series

2: Work on my Original Webcomic Series

So this has been a story in my head for 10 years now. it’s change so much but now I think I’m ready to finally share it! I’m sure most of you guys of seen my OC Astrid floating around X3 the story revolves around her and many others like her and their beautiful multiverse and the many theories about the cosmos that I have studied. Some things from this story will be featured in my future portfolio for the Game Freak Company.

- [ ] Original Story Stuff(Untitled Infinity)1st chapter

- [ ] Pick a name for Original Story (I’ve changed it so many time It doesn’t have a name anymore.)

- [ ] Create at least 10 different environment designs

- [ ] Create 20 creature designs

- [ ] Complete 5 unique Character Designs (sketches completed now to render them)

- [ ] Find more space related podcasts

- [ ] Watch animal documentaries (sea life specifically)

- [ ] Opening chapter pages for Original Story in July (final sketch work in progress)

- [ ] Webtoon setup

- [ ] Launch Webcomic pt1 July 25th

- [ ] Pinterest adssss

3: Work for the Game Freak Company as a UI/UX Graphic Designer

After doing some super homework on the requirements that the Game Freak company, I’ve learned What they’re not looking for is a portfolio full of art that is Pokémon XD they’re looking for all kinds of unique designs to see how creative and original you can get. Game Freak just finished up doing interviews at the end of June for new graphic designers and it seems like they do this every 2-3 years so I’ll be working my ass off during that time frame.

- [ ] Study/ brush back up on additional languages

- [ ] Japanese

- [ ] ASL

- [ ] Portuguese/spanish

- [ ] Portfolio Set Up

- [ ] character/Creature Design (in progress)

- [ ] Illustration (needs updating)

- [ ] Ux/Ui

- [ ] Written Works (TBA)

4: Social Media Shenanigans!

I’m trying to rebuild my social media and it’s been a fun learning experience. My main plan right now is to diversify my social media so you don’t get the exact same thing between all of them. May seem crazy to some but it keeps me very motivated to post! Feedback on how I’m doing on any of my social media is always appreciated. I’m just a shy kid trying to do my best LOL

- [ ] Diversify Social Media’s

- [ ] Facebook

- [ ] Character/Creature Design/Environment Design >w<

- [ ] Twitter

- [ ] Talk/share about fanart and original projects owo

- [ ] Instagram

- [ ] Focus on the day to day struggles of an artist XD

- [ ] Tumblr

- [ ] Artistic thoughts, process, and Art advice :D

- [ ] Pinterest

- [ ] Advertisement for Webcomic x3

I know it’s laundry list of goals but when I am hell-bent/determined to do something I will pursue it to the bitter end! It’s a gift and a curse LOL! But I can’t thank you guys enough for joining in on this journey with me!If you’d like to share your goals or need help with you art goals feel free to reach out or jump in on the colorful circle forum!

Since I am trying to meet a deadline for my webcomic I will not be updating my Weekly art blog for the next few weeks so definitely visit the forum I’ll be at least posting some motivational stuff while I finish up the first couple of pages

Till then stay tuned!