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Janishacolors About the Artist FAQ!

Mini Summary TLDR ;w;

So I’ve decided to dedicate my Sundays to writing about all kinds of things

So I’ve decided to dedicate my Sundays to writing about all kinds of things

And what way to start it off by introducing myself with and giving an FAQ Pictures Included X3


Q.How do you pronounce your LAST Name

  • A. Ocaña is pronounced O-Kahn-Yah. The n has a tilde (squiggle) over it and makes it sound like “piñata” owob

Q. Where can I find you on social media?

Q. Do you take commissions

  • A. Absolutely! If you’re curious about commission please feel free to message me!

Q. Favorite Fandoms and Things

  • Games: Pokémon, Fire Emblem, Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, Phantasy Star Series, Miitopia ( the most hilarious game series ever that needs to become a switch title LOL)
  • Anime/Manga: Yu Yu Hakusho, Cardcaptor Sakura, Ancient Magnus Bride, Dr. Stone, Anatolia Story(Aka: Red River), My hero Academia, Yuri on Ice
  • Other: Lore Olympus, Star Versus The Forces of Evil, Steven Universe

Q. Do you want to be freelance artist?

  • A. As of current I am a freelance artist in between school so yeah!

Q. What’s your workspace like?

  • A. It’s a war zone of plants but very peaceful LOL


Q. What art programs and equipment do you use?

  • A. On my desktop I use A Wacom Intuos Pro Pen tablet and I use Clip studio paint and SAI for artwork
  • On my IPad I use the Apple pencil Clip studio paint and Procreate!

Q. What is your favorite software to use for drawing and doodling?

  • A. For drawing and doodling I really love using Procreate on my IPad. I just recently got one and it’s just amazing to be able to doodle wherever and whenever. If I’m doodling concepts on the computer I like to use Mischeif. it’s an infinite zooming canvas and I love using it for when I’m doing original story work.

Q. What are you in art school for?

  • A. At my university I’m actually a graphic design and digital media major. I  wanted to understanding art better in the business/industry sense.

Q. What’s your ultimate goal as an artist?

  • A. Currently my ultimate goal is to become a graphic designer for the Pokémon company. I am currently working towards this goal by starting a Pokémon logo art project to gear up my portfolio while finish up my bachelors in Graphic design design. >:D

Q. Favorite topic in art?

  • A. Color Theory!

Q. What hobbies do you have aside from drawing?

  • A. Slalom inline skating is my main hobby followed by handbells, and knitting. (I can’t sit still for very long lol )


Q. Do you do traditional Art?

  • A. Yes! Mainly copic markers and watercolors x3

Q. Do you have original stories?

  • A. Yes I do and I have a bundle of OCs Too lol. Only really working on one story that I would like to make a webcomic soon!. Long story short this story focus on a race of Sentient stars called remnants. They maintain the expanding multiverse. The story focuses on the delves into all the various space theories I’ve studied and learned in astrophysics over the years so shenanigans will ensue! If you’re curious about How the multiverse works in this story definitely check out My Huevember 2019 project on my page. Each hue has a snippet about remnants and how they function in their world


Q. What made you get into astrophysics?

  • A. I love stargazing and looking for constellations it wasn’t until high school that I actually studied start studying the universe and how it works which eventually led me to look into all the various theories of astrophysics it’s just amazing all the speculations there are about the different celestial bodies in our universe

Q. What are those bubbles that you put in your artwork?

  • A. They’re actually photons. They are tiny light particles that we’re not actually able to perceive. It’s how I perceive those photons as they interact with an object.


Why do you draw yourself with the bottom of your hair colored?

  • A. I color the ends of my hair in hair waxes for funsies, the colors are really subtle unless it’ under direct light. It’s something I decided to do to celebrate my natural hair journey X3


So here’s the start of my About the artist FAQ if you have any question please don’t hesitate to ask ^W^