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Clearing My Mind and Bearings

Mini Summary TLDR ;w;

I used the time to genuinely try to process the last couple of months

Literally y'all I’m cleaning my bearings LOL

haven’t had the chance to clean them an nearly ate the pavement the last time I went to skate.I used the time to genuinely try to process the last couple of months


First the events of Covid 19 have been very unsettling and my heart breaks with all the tragedy and division in containing the pandemic. Stay at home orders have lifted but I’m continuing to do my part of social distancing and work on my artwork from home.

Doing art full time from home has been great and I’m working slowly but surly to be diligent to all my social media. My forever shyness makes me double check constantly about how I present stuff on social media but I’m working to get better at it. It’s been a learning process all over again.  Commissions are still opened in progress but I need to update a simplified commission chart.

Art school wise I opted to take a break the summer semester. for some odd reason My professors nearly tripled the homework/ exams when we switch to remote classes for the remainder of the spring semester. Words cannot describe how overwhelmed I felt but I’m glad I saw it through. Admittedly there were classes that I really wanted to take for summer but they filled up before I could even register ;;;;w;;; which was an ultimate sign to take a break and focus on my personal art endeavors. And it’s been a wonderful choice thus far.

I’m working on applications for zines and modifying my printer and cutting machine to make new stickers hopefully for the beginning of the June. With these updates I hope to FINALLY have my art store running. I most likely won’t launch it till a much later date in June but I wanted to work on updating my products that I’ve sold at Anime conventions. Overall I’m trying to do as much as I can befor my next fall semester, because I have no idea what lies ahead. But I’m doing my best to stay positive through it all!

Expect a mix match of all kinds of art this week. I have a handful of projects I’m working on so I hope you enjoy all the arts as much as I am sharing it!^w^

ALSO Next Sunday’s writing will be another helpful topic, if there’s any questions you have about arts feel free to let me know and I’ll possibly write about it!

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful weekend